Tuesday, April 11, 2017

French Allure Designer & Mom

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In this video, I am going to introduce you a talented friend of mine, who is the creative director & designer of a fashion brand - French Allure and also a Mom!! You are going to meet her leisure design full of French touch. At the same time, she will share with you all how is her role as business women and a caring mom living in HONG KONG! Let's get it start now. 



Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Be the sparkle of life

How fine do you want your life to be? I would like myself to be the sparkle of life!! 
To shine my life and also light up the others.
Well.  It sounds only like an imagination, however, a very talent designer friend of mine is doing it!!
Let's me introduce you the jewellery designer Narcisa Pheres. Check out the video andyou will find the element being sparkling.

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Elmaliconvé Styling
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All about your lips

Even though Chinese new year has just gone, you can still get some ideas of doing fabulous impressive makeup for your next special occasion!! Stay creative and be unique.
Dress to impress!

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Elmaliconvé Styling
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

See Now Buy Now Fashion Show

Magical people are always surprising.
I escape from work from Hong Kong to Shanghai for a longest fashion show I have ever been! The most impressive point of the show is to "see now buy now"

I went to Shanghai 2 weeks ago for T mall fashion show which is a 8 hours long show. 8 hours show with 8 hours online streaming that make us to make purchase in the most convenience way. We can place the order right away when you see the pieces on the runway. It is also a 'East meet West'' cultural mixture performing night by featuring a lot of international labels and providing various folk dance. I personally almost haven't got time even for washroom because I do want to enjoy each part of this fashion event. There is quite a lot to experience with T Mall, may video sounds more excited!!
Click on my Shanghai trip video and you will feel like you also are one of the guest of the show. In sprite of the fact that, I have done quite a lot of stuffs during this " Fast Slow" trip in Shanghai! Find out my fashionable journey now on the video below as well as the fashion show!

T mall is no longer sounds far from Hong Kong because it has just launch in Hong Kong!! A better way for shoppers to have outstanding shopping experience and also get to know more Chinese designer labels form this huge online retail platform. Check them out now at Tmall.hk/
There are tons of specially offer for Hong Kong shoppers during the 11.11 festive. Do not miss it!!

last but not least, my honor to be part of the show, thank you to Flare Communication for the arrangement which make my trip a thousand times smoother. I can't wait till the next trip with Flare again!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fashionably Weekend in Shanghai

Wow Ho! As I mentioned in the pervious post, I am ridiculously busy at work. But I do taking care of my personal life!! I went to Shanghai for a fashionably weekend to reduce my stress from work!!

It was a wonderful 2 days trip in Shanghai where impressed me quite a lot by all the changes since last time I was there!! Curious what I am talking about ?? Click my video and I wish you enjoy Shanghai like I do.

Video & Editing : DANIEL DRUZIKI

Monday, October 31, 2016

My first ever Cryotherapy

It was crazily busy in the past few weeks while working in Lane Crawford!! To be honest, I don't have much time to spend for myself. However, there is always a way for you to stay beautiful no matter how little time you have!!

My pleasure joining a session at the first ever Cryotherapy in Hong Kong - Polaris
Polaris wellness provides services contain various benefits that help you to develop significant innovations in the wellness and beauty sector. Click HERE to find out more of Polaris!!

Now, check my video to see how my first experience doing Cryotherapy. It a magic for me!

Video & Editing : DANIEL DRUZIKI