Hi Guys

It's time to introduce the other owner of this blog-Daniel Druziki
He is a full time traveling fashion model here in Hong Kong at the moment.
I am so proud of his experience of doing modeling since 4 years age,he have been working for different luxury fashion brands, have been walking on the high fashion runway in different places in the world.
His job make us a very first sense of every season and also the forecast .
I am really happy to present him - Daniel Druziki

Those pictures from  S/S 2013 by Daniel .  The color forecast for F/W  2013 as below
Pictures are all right reserved by Daniel D

 And the color Red,Brown,Hazel will be maintain till the S/S 2014
Even the side color, like orange and yellow. 
Men lives with suit,they couldn't get away from this smart representer  


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