Energetic summer look1

Color yellow make me powerful and super energetic!!!
It is a very sharp color of the dress but it was match totally with the nature.

An unforgettable trip to Bali in the past summer 2013.
Everything turn nature.I felt weird to have makeup or over dressed
due to the people there, the natural element around me make me go on simplicity style.
The trip to Bali, of course we can't miss the relaxation part,
on the other hand, we can meet a lot of natural fabric clothes,which is becoming the big grand of fashion.As we are having a huge amount of pollution life and so many wastes, it is the time to change the life style and keep it chic at the same time.
On me
- A full cotton made dress with natural dye
-Signature Elma's turban
-Seashell necklace
-cotton made tote bag
That was my 1st bali style during the trip.
Wish you enjoy!

We are living not destroying.
V.Westwood is one of the gowned designer who fully support the natural producing.
We should also take time to rest and think about the NATURAL CHIC.

A picture taken by +Daniel Grein Druziki of the sun set down in Dreamland Bali.


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