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Hi everyone,  i have be out of town for work for a bit, therefore i could only able to do my lovely blog till now. I miss it a lot, i wish there is no any reader missing :) : P…

As a person like me, an very active and outgoing fashionista,always going out for no matter celebration, event,party or even on the shopping day, i am fully dressed up.

Well, i spent a lot of spirit for making my head to toes,my whole look. Not only my outfit but also my makeup,i will put makeup on my body sometime,like for halloween. Um…its actually never be too much , it just my passion for everything i deserved…….

I am glad i am able to fit different styles with different makeup. Well, thats a stylist have to be able to do. However, there is a problem which is ''Skin Care'' after all these 'makeup'. There is impossible to make look as perfect as you want if you can not carry an suitable makeup on.

It is my honor to have the very first trial on  Clarisonic Aria which is the latest Cleaning Technology in my fashion journey.I hereby accept the invitation from the brand and shall share with my flowers on feeling toward by using clarisonic.

That's my lovely Clarisonic cleaning machine which does make my skin care easier by using it for 60 seconds a day.

My skin was a bit dry these days when the weather is changing and also i truly believe that the makeup make my skin tired and dirty. The terrible situation is the rest of makeup product stay on my face,on the pore after cleaning. However, i couldn't keep cleaning my face all time and also it just make it worst ,until i met Clarisonic. This is wonderful for both boy and girl i believe.

Besides, this is a very user friendly product , we just have to press the button on. There are 3 speed settings for the facial cleansing,once you turn on,that's normal speed 2 which is not too strong and also the factory default setting and i also keep using that speed 2 for my skin,because my skin is very sensitive .

That's me in the very first day of using  Sonic Method on my skin care journey.
My skin was a bit red and apparently you can see the pore on my cheeks and also black head on nose.
But my angle-clarisonic obviously start giving me a pair of helpful hand.
Its only 60 seconds a day, put the cleaning gel on and start moving cycle during the cleaning procedure.
I felt my pore clean and clear even when i am still cleaning.
Please don't forget to put on toner on the fresh skin after cleaning.Once you put the moisturizer,the skin care of the day is done.
Easy beautiful.

my skin is already turning balance after 10 days trial.

Once your skin fully absorbed the skin care product. It turn smooth and better quality
For now, i have been using  Sonic Method for 25 days.
My skin is already smoother and much more easy to put the foundation on.
Girls, should give it a try.
The last but not the least. There is an extra adapter is come with the set.This is very caring design.
No matter where you go, no matter for business or vocation. i can easily carry the clarisonic aria with me and keep my skin clean and clear everyday by 60 seconds .


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