Valentino S/S 2014 preview

     Sorry for a bit late but the following post is definitely for those feminine ladies.

Here you go, the answer of how to be a sexy attraction is just around the corner.
A key product of your style is the point to stand out your look,
 Valentino is exactly providing the great choices of the eyes catching stuff with Rock & chili color combination.
The chili collection of Valentino S/S14 is definitely representing ''hot'' and ''attractive''.
There is no doubt a girl is charm when she is wearing Valentino!!!
It is easily to carry one of those chili no matter with all black style or denim casual look. I truly believe a sexy smart lady is done.

On the other side, we can easily understand the sweet and elegant by the embroidery on those design with ethnic style . I can see the embroidery is showing an active girl growing.
Catwalk photos, please click Here <3
That is my selection of dress which is extremely feminine and also diffusing the taste of strong by the accessories.

Valentino S/S 2014


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