Checked lasts longer

Once again thanks +HKTDC 香港貿發局  for the arrangement of V.W show SS14 HK. I had a luxury evening and the inspiration blowed my mind.
Vivienne still rocking on the elegant lady gown.
The embroidered jacket with arbitrary breaking cut fully draw my attention. That was a great combination with a lady pink gown.I completely feel the Rock on Lady.
On the other hand, the checked pattern was just a beginning of V.W collection.
The best have not yet shown until FW14 V.W red label 

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Autumn Winter 2014 was completely performed on the Runway yesterday in London Fashion Week. & i do agree the collection is from the previous quarter continued into the fall/winter . Warm color selection is just out-standing by the cold color. That is the eyes catching point we need. The femininity also jumping out from the neutral combination .

At the same time, ''illuminati'' is now going to the high fashion too, guess whats gonna happen?

On the other hand, double pattern in style will not be a problem,just how you handle it
click Here to see my pervious blog about handling double pattern

                                                                    Elma Li Convé


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