Chic-ese new year

It been a while after the CNY, those pictures were ready long time. However, i had 3 flights in 2 days after the CNY,therefore i can hardly make it blogged but now !!! :) 
Happy Chinese new year every one, first i wish you all the best in the year of horse & let's keep it chic.
Colour red seem like the first priority of people , i put it on my hair and makeup, it surprisingly matched  my dress - Cameo the label- Australia 

Dark romance by the flowing dress.
A super feminine top by the see-through design.
Cameo sets out to create an innovative way to dress.
"To wear the Cameo design is to embrace a creative concept and lay further expression upon it. Each time you wear a Cameo piece, it continues to evolve with your own unique personal exploration.  “Styling a cameo Cameo garment is more than just complimenting design. You are creating an overall look which reflects your mood or evokes the persona you want to project for that day."


A pair of outstanding shoes is a must for a dark colour dress
I would still choosing leopard as my selection but the color would be funky a little bit.
Would it be the gradient color of diamond blue or yard green ? Or a part of pink leopard
would be great.



Coming up a new adventure in South America, you Fashionista can not miss it !!
Portrait Photography by Daniel Druziki +Daniel Grein Druziki 
All copy right reserved by Elma Li Convé
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