Feminine Performance J12 - 365

There if a new collection for the watchonista . And watch is not selection of Men only anymore.
You can definitely taste of high-end hand made elegant from the new icon J12 - 365  by Chanel. 

At first glance, the J12-365 differs only slightly from the previous versions of the prestigious Chanel ceramic watch. Looking in more detail, we can notice that Chanel has made a number of innovative changes on this timepiece, giving it definitely a more refined and feminine look.

J12-365 keeps its circled high-tech ceramic form and has the essential characteristics of the original J12. The ceramic case is accentuated by steel or gold beige. The beige gold has been obtained by thedevelopment of a new shade of 18K gold alloy. Another notable change on the watch J12-365 is its size: it has a diameter of 36.5 mm for a diameter of 38mm on the previous versions.

The J12-365 watch will be officially presented at world with a launch on June 2nd, 2014. It is in eight variations: white ceramic with steel or gold beige, with or without a diamond setting, but also black ceramic with steel or beige gold also available with or without a diamond setting.

Women have to taste of '' high-end ''at least once in a life or no life!!




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