All about your kits!

All About Nude
Lipstick: Soft Savour,Lipglass: Feeling Fine,Technakohl Liner: Graphblack,Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Cool Campions

All About Pink 
Lipstick: Embrace Me,Lipglass: Unlimited Style,Technakohl Liner: Photogavure,
Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Fabulous Three

All About Coral 
Lipstick: Passion Charge,Lipglass: Stoke the Flame,Technakohl Liner: Brownborder,
Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Collective Chic

All About Beige 
Eye Shadow : Light Study, Rocket Girl, Sable Riche, Plum ,Ember, Honesty, Cocktail Black 
Powder Blush:Love & Laughter & Liberating ,Lipstick: Modern Wow! & What’s Haute
Makeup Brush: 275SE, 316SE

All About Plum
Eye Shadow : All Races, Lingering Dusk, Fashion Beat, ,Elementary Pink, Stormy Sunset & Blackboard, Powder Blush: Style Cast & Lesson In Love,Lipstick: Dress to Impress & Up the Amp
Makeup Brush: 275SE, 316SE

Basic Brush Kit
129 Powder Brush SE, 204 Lash Brush SE, 224 Tapered Blending SE, 239 Eye Shading SE, 266 Small Angled SE

Advanced Brush Kit
159 Duo Fiber SE, 196 Foundation SE, 214 Eye Shadow SE, Advanced Brush Kit 275 Medium Angled SE

Here you go, the latest news of fashionably makeup trend. I believe you could pick up the set which suit you the most since there are different percious kits for all type!!
M∙A∙C Look in a Box features a selection of kits offering expertly curated looks in universal shades and finishes to complement your mood and skin tone. Two Face Kits come in color waves of cool taupe and plum and warm beige and coral, each featuring three Powder Blushes, six Eye Shadows, two Lipstick and a duo-handled brush. The variety of hues allows you to mix, match and blend as you experiment to create your ideal combination. Three Look in a Box kits combine Lipstick, Lipglass, Technakohl Liner and a Veluxe Pearlfusion Eye Shadow Trio in distinct colour schemes: pink, coral and neutral. Each comes with its own face chart, guiding you through the look for effortless application and a perfect finish. Looking to elevate your artistry? Basic Brush Kit and Advanced Brush Kit take your skills to the next level with a selection of our favorite blending and shading brushes for simple, pro-worthy application. 

Available in all MAC location on the 4th August,2014!!!
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