CC Hair Day


I dont like Kpop, however i have at least one CC cream in my cosmetic bag. I believe every girls does.
And by the time goes by, CC cream is now not only for face but HAIR.
Check it out how the CC hair cream work on hair.

It's my pleasure to be invited to join the hair styling section by Vidal Sassoon Zero Gravity Salon.
The moving salon was runing around many hot spots in HK.
Did you get the oppostunity to try the CC cream which is made in Italy?
My hair have been being bleached for a while. Of course i love having different color on my head, but it actually hurting my hair during the bleaching section. And now, i found a way to smooth my hair easily!!
"CC Cream + Moist spray"

Thank you Jessica K, creative leader of VS Academy SH did a efficient hair styling for me. Smooth my hair.
The CC cream is the moisturizer for hair, i strongly suggest to use it before the blow dry.
Thanks Viss for the arrangement.

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