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Marco M Chan launched by a talented friend of mine.This is the first ever solo show of the brand.
Let's begin the show!!
There are two different sections on the show that night. First of all the designer introduce us the smart causal style in simplicity cut and combined by unique fabric with different texture.
The following collection is those funky party dress collection and evening gown.
What impress me the most ?
I believe it should be the material using/ combination of some pieces, i specially adore the transparent lace top with yellow bow. That complete the femininity and sexy.

真為這朋友高興,我跟都急不及待要走到 後台睇睇秀的準備工作!到達後第一時間看看造型!髮型方面造了簡單的線條但特別在於頭頂噴上那閃爍條子。就好像衣服上的精緻地方。
當晚分別有smart causal 系列及晚裝系列。不過2個系列都具備funky的元素。
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