Stylizer : Funky ink II

My 3rd stylize funky ink look to support those HK local designer +HKTDC 香港貿發局  and Dearl +Daniel Grein Druziki  rocking the runway in Fashion Week HK14.
Put some color on top of black and white. It should be much more fun.
Nothing much to carry on since the skirt which transformed by a big scarf, is full of color images. 
And also the sexy lingerie shown by the transparent top.
 That i believe is more then enough to be the eyes catching point.
Last but not least, High heels can not be missed +Brian Atwood ,which make you a great proportion and of course the confident !!

又到Daniel在時裝週走秀的時間!除了棒Daniel 埸外我都十分支持香港本地創作!!運用我的styling 頭腦,將參展商作品由圍巾化作短裙,並成為時日亮點!!最後當然是女人最愛的high heels.+Brian Atwood !提高自信心之外還將身體比例拉啦。
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