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A worldwide well known luxury representative is holding a luxury experiment in Hong Kong between
 7 Sept-28 Sept,2014 in PMQ,( 35 Aberdeen Street, Central.) for you all.
It is my pleasure to be one of them to have a very first look of it &
 enjoy fashionable treatment in precious after party with all fashionista.

As all you know the bags from Hermès are all hand made. However, how exactly is the procedure of making a Birkin? and also the paper cutting of  Kelly Bag? You can find out all these answer in this exhibition with live sewing performance.
You can also read all Hermès history plus all vintage bags from Hermès museum,Paris without a flight ticket. Isn't it attractive ??

So, wait no more and step in to this magical box in PMQ, i am sure you will get some extra surprise.
* Tips,please go with a comfortable pants if you are horse riding lover.

而於9 月7日至28日在中環PMQ舉行的HERMÈS Leather Forever 皮革展,大家就能夠免費參觀有如藝術館級數的展覽,一次過欣賞歷年的經典It Bag ,而巴黎皮革坊的工匠更為此來港即場示範品牌最引以為傲的製造皮具的工藝 
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