Fondness Lily - Melissa Bui

Even though the weather is turning cold now, there are something blooming in the other side.
Melissa Bui, a Canada born ,Hong Kong raise and UK educated fashion designer has made her Spring/Summer 15 collection - Opaline Blossom.

The Opaline Blossom collection goes with Melissa's signature Embellishment style which is combined by painting and embroidery designs with all silky fabric.  You can definitely feel the young feminine lily matching the energetic goldfish.
For more to view, feel free to visit  <Melissa Website>. I am sure you can reach your right lady dress there.


上星期便出席了時裝品牌Melissa Bui的<Opaline Blossom>系列發佈。是次春夏系列中,可輕易看到設計師一貫裝飾的風格,在各款設計上都分別加上繪畫或刺繡。另外Melissa 還將來自百合花及金魚的靈感放入設計當中。我身穿紅色的Pansy Dress亦盡顯各靈感元素。用色方面亦為成熟,簡單的剪裁配合細緻的訂珠手工及襯色,整個系列都將女性那種神秘誘人的味道散發出來

如果你想看到更多的細節,請隨時遊覽--->> <Melissa Bui> 
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