Girly wishlist - Lingerie 1

Let's keep the holiday season shopping atmosphere going on and on. How would you treat yourself after a whole hard working year? I would start the self reward from head to toe, from in and out.

First thing first for girl must be lingerie, which is not only your own thing but also your partner. How could you handle this visualization of womanhood?A girly private store catch my attention in this holiday season,which is 6IXTY 8IGHT, a pink closet for girls with never ending surprises at a price that always makes you smile.

I promise, you can find your personality over there since there are hundred of underwear designs in store. My 1st lingerie on the list is the feminine sheer lace on floral pattern with front buckle. The mysterious purple is truly proved the change of a girl to a woman.

Wait no more, it's the time for you to change your private closet!! Plus there is a special sale during the Christmas period!! Do not miss it. +6IXTY8IGHT

*Makeup by +MAC Cosmetics PRABAL GURUNG collection and KEEPSAKES collection. 
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  1. You are looking gorgeous in these designer Lingerie. Your collection of designer Lingerie is very beautiful and I liked it.


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