A date with Hermès cavalier

   Le Flâneur Sportif d'Hermès Bike

I haven't been to Paris so long, but i always feeling the smell of Paris, even i am in Hong Kong. And i smell it again recently by the tour of Flâneur 2015!! Wait no more, let's begin my "Date" with Hermès cavalier.

A romantic morning on the 7th Jan, my date started by the orange direction, the smell of Paris is getting stronger when i get closer to "him".....

Here we are Hermès Flâneur 2015, SS15 collection preview. I deeply experienced the atmosphere of tenderness by the first step in to the showroom. Those silky manifesto printed shirt & pants and the leather made ribbing blousons with solar colors that i strongly feel how the courageous man is. Further we go are those patterning tie and leather goods, where i definitely see the femininity in the men side.

Be a tasty men in the coming season with those detailed designs and you will find yourself a modern cavalier.


剛踏進愛馬仕的領域,我已經能夠深深的感受到showroom Homme的角落都充斥著那種男士溫柔的氣氛。加上絲質印花的恤衫,褲子還有陽光色系,以皮編織制成的羅紋外套。那個勇敢的男孩就活生生的澄現您眼前

再深入這位gentleman ,會看到不同的印花領 ,指細的看看,您會發現"他"有趣之處!加上Novillo公牛皮制的手提包,紋理細緻,質感柔軟。這些種種都使我感受男士的柔情。


Selected item from up to down
picture 3:
Left: Double-breasted jacket in limestone flames cotton and linen canvas.
Shirt with straigt supple collar in sand cotton voie with Jardin d'Arménie print.
Right: Sandal in calfskin

picture 4 : 
Cardigan in cumin knitted nubuck lambskin.
Tank top in sand linen, striped back. 
One-pleat trousers in sand cotton and wool canvas, topstitching detail.

picture 5 : 
Left: Cardigan in eucalyptus silk knit with front in silk twill with Jardin d'Arménie print. 
Tank top in eucalyptus linen, striped back.
Bermuda shorts in cumin crepe cotton serge, topsitching detail.
Right: Arceau automatic watch in steel, strap in mat alligator.

picture 6 :
Left: Victoria III cabine 45 suitcase in novillo bull calf 
Right: loafer in calfskin suede

picture 7-8 : 
8 cm tie in heavy twill 
( The narrow end of this one shows the QR code for the Tie Break app for Apple and Android. The app is chock-full of tie-inspired dames and activities.

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