HK Extravaganza 2015- Back to Front

My pleasure to grab the very first view of the shows' makeup by  +MAC Cosmetics  in backstage!!
Hong Kong Local Designer Brand : Ground Zero



I am prond to announe we have our outstanding Hong Kong local designer brand : Ground Zero to open the Extravaganza Show FW2015. Together with those acclaimed global designers, they are Loris Diran from New York, Wang Yutao from Beijing, and Lars Wallin from Sweden.

Ground Zero, a HK designer brand launched in 2008 by Eri and Philip. The brothers get inspiration everywhere. Based on the design concept"conflicting and contrasting", In this collection, you can see those sophisticated graphic design with the brightness colors are taking good balance and showing us the futuristic energy at the same time. Young,Edgy and wild are the words matching this collection perfectly.

Loris Diran , he has earned the key elements of style and embraced luxury as a lifestyle concept by working in those extraordinary design house such as Versace, Claude Montana, OMO Norma Kamali, and Chanel. Flowing, carefree and elegance are all over the SS14 Collection.

Wang Yutao, designer from Beijing, he surprises us again by his creation of using fabrics and patterns. It show us the luxurious taste in style by the color and material combination. The neutral leopard suit is perfectly matched the civilization and independence in the modern society

Last but not least we have Lars Wallin, designer from Sweden to close this spectacular fashion extravaganza. Those stunning gowns are making us the distance of love, you can never touch this dowager.

今年的華麗秀我十分高興看到我們香港的「本地薑」Ground Zero為這盛會開幕還有讚譽全球設計師們, 當中有從紐約來的 Loris Diran , 北京來的Wang Yutao 及瑞典來的Lars Wallin他們都為這Extravaganza帶來不同風格及文化的設計。絕對乎合華麗秀的指標。令我大開眼界。

Ground Zero 兄弟Eri和Philip2008年共同創立。這對兄弟四處找尋創作靈感。基於他們的設計概念:''相互矛盾和對比''從是次春夏系列中,兄弟們運用了Eri擅長的平面設計印花明亮顏色配合清晰剪裁為大家帶來富未來感的系列。年輕,時尚及狂野用來形容這個系列就最適合不過。

Lorus Diran在畢業後便到各國際知名的品牌工作,當中有Versace, Claude Montana, OMO Norma Kamali, and Chanel亦從而了解到設計的主要原素和結合時尚奢華的生活態度!從系列當中可見那無憂無慮的高貴。


最後有來自瑞典的 Lars Wallin為我們這場華麗秀畫上完美的句號,表系列都充滿神秘感覺,用色和物料配合得很就像閃爍的黑玫瑰

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