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The cheerful optimism and fresh, crisp newness of spring comes alive with bold new colours, eclectic prints and essential fashion and lifestyle staples -  all inspired by the earthy heart of modern rural English living.  Cath Kidston brings you a breath of fresh air from London to Hong Kong!!

How we decorate our busy city life by part of green? Cath Kidston has share us the element of earth such as Clouds, Countryside, Farmyard, Tulips and Daisy & Fish in Spring Summer 15 collection. Those print are full of fun, love, hope and also bring us a time to relax, to enjoy the priceless treasure moment.

There are some leather made hand bags design this season, which style is different from the signature Cath Kidston look but still a very good girly selection.

春天的那份清新都帶給我們開心樂觀的心情。那份暖意都叫我們活躍起來。春夏大膽的用色和印花亦將時尚及曰常生活連接起來。我在說的是來自英國倫敦的Cath Kidston,他們15春夏系列靈感來自英國農村樸實生活的態度。重要的是Cath Kidston 今季將要為我們帶來無價的新鮮空氣。

設計師將大自然原素放入系列,5個系列Clouds, Countryside, Farmyard, Tulips and Daisy & Fish以印花技術將原素演繹於不同的生活用品及服飾上。令您的生活充滿生命力!


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