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 Timeless Watch & Rebel at Heart collection

It was a running month in January!! i think it is a very fulfilling lifestyle in Fashion. I spent a relaxing afternoon in a sparkling garden by the elegant Jewelry label - +THOMAS SABO  SS15 collection launch.
This Spring Summer collection is based on the aim of  being a elegant lady with sophisticated design and oriental cultural cohesion to create a series of  aesthetic simplicity and elegance feminine pattern & design. At the same time, those designs are showing us the power of nature elements by the selection of net blue and pink gemstones .

There are 12 different themes in the SS15 collection, that inspired by the travel experience from Thomas Sabo. It is another wonderful exploration of jewelry design.

Thomas Sabo has bring you more room for your very own creation. Check it out on the website --> Here

於過去的一月都在跑東跑西的去看不同品牌的春夏系發佈!於較早前我便跑到了Thomas Sabo於Seasons by Olivier E 設置的神秘角度,盡覧一系列加入了東方文化原素的飾品設計,將女性柔媚與精緻首飾設計結合。另外設計團隊運用了浄白 ,蔚藍及粉紅寶石去寓意大自然原素的結合

是次系列發佈有共12個不同主題,全都是Thomas Sabo熱愛旅遊的足跡。將一次又一次的奇妙探索變成時尚新態度 事不宜遲,立即一起發掘Thomas Sabo飾品的豐富多彩吧!好好運用給你的創作空間。Website --> Thomas Sabo 
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