Another Smart Casual Day

Another good day, another chic time!! Can you smell the spring yet ? let's get the wardrobe ready for the wonderful Spring with full of life. I am in a love hate relationship with "white" outfit, it looks definitely elegant and smart but also it make you look swollen easily or too ordinary at the same time. How can you light it up? I mix and match with different ''eye-catching'' Jewellery and accessories such as the sparkling precious stone made earring and bracelet. And also a denim jacket to balance the femininity. Let the funky ink to continue the stylish day!

又一個美好的一天,另一個時尚的配搭!博主Elma 已經嗅到初春的味道,急不及侍的跟大家分享她來季的Styling心得。
又愛又恨是我跟白色服裝的關係,它當然是優雅的選擇不過同時亦很容易讓您看似肥腫也容易變得太單調!怎樣辦呢? 配襯一些款式較大的寶石耳環及手鏈,讓不同顏色的寶石為白色套裝點綴一下。然而亦可選擇一些有配飾設計的上衣為全白套裝修飾,令整體更特出。此外我亦配上牛仔外套以平衡套裝的女性味。相信個方法能套用於許多不同的造型上,期待來季更多的色彩!!

TOP: Unknown brand 
DENIM JACKET: Vintage Bortobello 
EARRING: TAARA (Lane Crawford)
 BRACELET: Thomas Sabo/ Italian Sliver / JWS
NEAKLACE: Mossy (D-Mop)
HIGH HEEL: Jean Paul Gaultier
RING: Unknown ( Jewellery fair)
BAG: Chanel

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki 
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