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Have you ever considered jewellery to be part of your style? It plays actually an important role for the whole image. Let me introduce a distinctive new jewellery brand from London that I found during my treasure hunt.

It is an antique allure jewellery brand named Soluna which is mean the biggest power in the universe at the same time. British Design, Peruvian Spirit! Soluna is a Peruvian jewellery brand based in London. Their unique designs celebrate Peruvian culture and represent exquisite quality with gold-plated jewellery. They combine the original modern and fine jewellery design with Peru’s heritage.

The showing pieces are from the collection Inca Cross, Jaguar and Mosaic. The minimalist 18Kgold cross long chain easily goes well with most of the outfit combination specially in monochrome style!! Besides, I have matched with the iridescent and patterned item from Mosaic collection. Those striking colourful rings and bracelet are lighting up the black and white style!

For more details, please feel free to visit Soluna London

到了某一個時候,女人總會情歸珠寶。成熟韻味就是這樣練成。 妳們有沒有想如何將珠寶首飾成為妳整體style 的一部份?  其實現今的珠寶首飾設計時尚,簡約同時亦有很多不同細緻的地方。 最近博主 ELMA 於在尋寶之旅中找到來自英國倫敦的珠寶品牌-Soluna .


展示的系列包括 Inca Cross, Jaguar and Mosaic 全都易於配襯,Inca Cross 18K金系列由其特出於簡約造型. 另外Mosaic系列充滿異國色彩,有助點綴單調色系造型。

Blazer: Alexander Wang
Top: Stylist own
Trousers:House OF V
Boots: Saint Laurent
Jewellery: Soluna London

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki 
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