Soluna II

Soluna, the biggest power from the universe has landed Hong Kong perviously. A distinctive jewellery brand from London with Peruvian Spirit!! Their unique designs celebrate Peruvian culture and represent exquisite quality with gold-plated jewellery. They combine the original modern and fine jewellery designs with Peru’s heritage. Read more about the brand on my other post >>> HERE <<<

Check it out how I style the minimalist jewellery design with the Hong Kong local fashion designer brand - House of V
It is easy breezy beautiful, minimalist X minimalist!! 

Jewellery collection: Jaguar collection, INCA Cross collection, Gold Coins collection
See more on >> Soluna Website <<

博主Elma早前於尋寶之旅中找到來自英國倫敦的珠寶品牌-Soluna. 秘魯精神英國設計, 精湛的秘魯文化溶入優質鍍金首飾中. 他們結合現代精緻的珠寶設計與秘魯的傳統。要詳閲的介紹可到博主早前的 >>> Post <<<

看一下我如何Style 風格簡約的珠寶設計與香港本地時裝設計師品牌 - House of V

Photography: Victoria C
Makeup: Melissa W
Hair: Tea C
Styling: Me,  Elma Li Convé 
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