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Weekend Wardrobe 8th

Here we are, weekend wardrobe 8th, i would like to introduce you a funky event i have been to in the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

A great tour by one of the Organizer +Cecilia Ngan (NO.7) of the event. There are tons of local designer label, Online shop, DIY, giving another live to second hand stuffs and also vintage goods included luxury vintage handbags such as Chanel, YSL, Valentino etc. This funky market aim to provide opportunity for Hong Kong local minor designer labels or DIY store even for those good maintenance second hand items to connect to the public. A creative group of illustrator, designer, model, musician and also popular singer were there to share us the joy of being trendy. Trendy thinking, trendy acting! Join them and continue this creativity.

* It is 3 to 4 times a year you could join them, pay attention to Weekend wardrobe instagram account for the updated news.

Musician Kevinboy and Model Lousie W

Illustration by LLH story

Ig store : mamamamarket

Lovely voice JW 

Great showcasing!!

I don't really drink soft drink however it is nothing bad to hard this ''can'' every day!!

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki 
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