Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hermès Kaleidoscope

August, another season starting in Hong Kong. it was my pleasure to be invited to Hermès Autumn Winter 2015 collection preview. They surprised me as always by every single details of the event, I can truly feel the hard word behind.

Hermès kaleidoscope, I have got the very first view of it jewelry collection, clothing collection, accessories collection , furniture collection and even wallpaper. The craftsmanship is incredible and just like no others!!!

Hermès's women are such as the pigment butterfly, keep changing colours in different temperature. It usually got a big contrast compare to the menswear.

It maintains the funky inks on those silky goods. And also there is a bonus item for girls in the coming season, which is a multi functional bow tie. You can wear it as a head band, bracelet and of course a girly bow tie.

You can easily find the details of Hermès, such as the 'H' zip, those horsemanship related elements or leather combining technic etc. 

A stroll in the city.
Meetings of supple and structured silhouettes,
Colourful harmonies and dark overtones.
Graphic effects.

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki & myself
Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger 
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Magical Silk

Hey Ladies, which accessories item will be in your handbag almost all the time during four seasons a year ? I truly believe that would be a scarf.

Tang Tang Tang Tang, let me introduction the silk scarf from my beloved luxury label - Hermès
What is the reason why i would describe scarf as an item for all time? It actually a million way to dress by scarf.  And different people different thought. I picked a few scarves from Hermes. Those scarves are fully printed on different pattern and charming colors. How would you wear it and how would you handle those colors ?

Honestly, i got the ideas of styling those scarves by keep trying it on myself. To be brave to try whatever it may possibly work. After some times i spent in front of the mirror. I style it as a leisure floating top and a turban. One thing you need to pay attention is the color selecting. Always choosing the same color type ( warm color / cold color ) matching together is the way to go. And of course a small piece of contrast is always welcome!! In conclusion, those colorful patterned scarves continues the luxurious taste.

Scarves : Hermès
Bracelet : Hermès
Palazzo Pants : +REVOLVEclothing 
High Heels : +Hermès 
Earring : +Forever 21 

Shop the same HERE >> Wanna shop similar?, i would suggest you to go HERE >> Shop more affordable? THERE you go!!

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki
Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger 
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Luxurious taste of stone

Sapphire drops earrings 
18k white gold and 320sapphire made

There is uncountable kind of people in the world, how would you be different form the others? For me, you just need a word "OWN", when you get it and you will own your taste, own your style that's what couldn't be stolen by the others. it is always a moment that you gotta know how to experience the taste of luxurious, and also it is a moment that we will focus on ''stones''.

Taste and evaluation are both attitude of life, which are keep changing by different experience. For being a lady, I would love to have my very own, one of a kind jewelry collection. i start searching delicate funky jewelry pieces around the world. And i found Markin Fine Jewelry, a fine jewelry label from Moscow, has opened a showroom in Hong Kong in 2014.

I found it is not only in a traditional elegance way to perform the precious jewels or diamond, but also in a savvy funky way to show their taste of jewelry. The designer’s creative mind, his youthfulness, a kind heart and ironic mindset. He casts a curious eye on the construction of the world around him. Check it out now my selection of his playful luxurious. And you will never be bored.

Citrus transformer ring 
White & yellow 18k gold/1.01 carat fancy vivid yellow diamond./Diamonds, yellow sapphires./Total weight 19gr.
Diamond Helix ring
90 perfect white diamonds total weight 0.9 carat/10.4 grams of 18k gold

Water tap earrings
Gold/ Sapphire/ Ruby

I was Wearing 
Scarf : Hermès
Jumper : ba & sh
Lingerie : 6ixty8igth

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki
Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger 
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Trendy Tattoo 時髦紋身

Different generation, different definition. We definitely having different feeling of getting tattoo nowadays. it no longer being 'bad boy bad girl' images. But it is such an art. However, It is not every one could afford those painful process to get the forever last tattoo and specially we women are keep changing mine everywhere, anytime. I have found an easy breezy way to carry tattoos differently, which is those tattoo sticker by Beyond Jewelry.

Beyond jewelry is a trendy thought. They provided us waterproof tattoo with different pattern for different season or situation. Their mission is to revamp the way people think about and wear jewelry. Beyond Jewelry is light, easily worn and can be worn on any part of your body that you desire. Each unique piece is made to stand out from the crowd and represent those who like it, go beyond themselves. 

Those i was wearing are the special summer edition by  BANANA GRAFFITI. You can easily express the summer feeling by those gold tone flamingo and pineapple. The magnificent gold tone design is surely helpful to increase the taste of elegance style.

Single Shoulder Top : Room_25
Belt : Stylist Own
Earring: IBUQUI Japan
Pants : Zara Worldwide
Clutch : +TED BAKER  London
Sunglasses : House Of V
Nail Polish: +MAC Cosmetics  Venus Red

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki 
Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger 
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

It is more than just being beautiful, Jurlique is introducing their Limited Edition Rosewater Balancing Mist Deluxe, along with 2 donation campaigns that are designed in dedication to The Women’s Foundation.它不僅僅是為美麗,Jurlique推出的限量版Rosewater Balancing Mist Delux連同奉獻給婦女基金會捐贈運動。詳細信息!!

1. 產品收益捐贈
每售出一瓶限量版玫瑰衡肌花卉水,Jurlique Ideas of Beauty Fund將不扣除成本,捐出港幣HK$31給婦女基金會(The Women’s Foundation)作其教育工作之用讓更多基層家庭學生受惠。

2. 一分享 一捐獻

除了產品收益捐贈外,由71日起,在玫瑰盛放的Jurlique專門店內留影,上載至FacebookInstagram 與朋友分享並hashtag #jurliquehk #jurlique_hk #BloomwithJurlique顧客即可免費獲贈產品體驗裝一份,每一個分享Jurlique會額外捐出港幣$5予婦女基金會The Women’s Foundation),凝聚玫瑰美麗力量,幫助全球婦女綻放美麗人生。