Hermès Kaleidoscope

August, another season starting in Hong Kong. it was my pleasure to be invited to Hermès Autumn Winter 2015 collection preview. They surprised me as always by every single details of the event, I can truly feel the hard word behind.

Hermès kaleidoscope, I have got the very first view of it jewelry collection, clothing collection, accessories collection , furniture collection and even wallpaper. The craftsmanship is incredible and just like no others!!!

Hermès's women are such as the pigment butterfly, keep changing colours in different temperature. It usually got a big contrast compare to the menswear.

It maintains the funky inks on those silky goods. And also there is a bonus item for girls in the coming season, which is a multi functional bow tie. You can wear it as a head band, bracelet and of course a girly bow tie.

You can easily find the details of Hermès, such as the 'H' zip, those horsemanship related elements or leather combining technic etc. 

A stroll in the city.
Meetings of supple and structured silhouettes,
Colourful harmonies and dark overtones.
Graphic effects.

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki & myself
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