Chic Turbans do things for you

 I have wrote about my signature hand dyed turban from my last post with Jessica.
   I do think the turban style is forever. No matter you are young girl or mature woman,
   You can easily handle the ''Turban'' which could be the attracting point of your whole look
And me, i have been using my own turban for a few years since i made it.
My turban make me specially impressed and to be my signature look gradually.
Have a look *

Amazing Furla candy bag event. Cool and cute plus the sexy see-through Candy,
My girly look is a perfect match for the sweet candy
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A simple fashion night out
- My own turban with my own designed see-through dress
* Finally, i could handle this difficult dress i made 2 years ago.
A big contrast to my pink lady Visala.

Another voting activity *
Was a great night with excellent photographer Akif 's first personal photo exhibition in Hong Kong.
Simplicity little green dress with open back.
Classy sexy with my hand dyed turban.
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-Signature turban with little black dress.
And of course, the skill of using turban is important ,
How can you hardly carry different style turban,its really depend on your sense of doing mix and match.And also the way you do the turban.

From summer to winter, Turban is a good accessory on me.
Easy and fast!!


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