Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fashionista skin care up to date

Hi everyone,  i have be out of town for work for a bit, therefore i could only able to do my lovely blog till now. I miss it a lot, i wish there is no any reader missing :) : P…

As a person like me, an very active and outgoing fashionista,always going out for no matter celebration, event,party or even on the shopping day, i am fully dressed up.

Well, i spent a lot of spirit for making my head to toes,my whole look. Not only my outfit but also my makeup,i will put makeup on my body sometime,like for halloween. Um…its actually never be too much , it just my passion for everything i deserved…….

I am glad i am able to fit different styles with different makeup. Well, thats a stylist have to be able to do. However, there is a problem which is ''Skin Care'' after all these 'makeup'. There is impossible to make look as perfect as you want if you can not carry an suitable makeup on.

It is my honor to have the very first trial on  Clarisonic Aria which is the latest Cleaning Technology in my fashion journey.I hereby accept the invitation from the brand and shall share with my flowers on feeling toward by using clarisonic.

That's my lovely Clarisonic cleaning machine which does make my skin care easier by using it for 60 seconds a day.

My skin was a bit dry these days when the weather is changing and also i truly believe that the makeup make my skin tired and dirty. The terrible situation is the rest of makeup product stay on my face,on the pore after cleaning. However, i couldn't keep cleaning my face all time and also it just make it worst ,until i met Clarisonic. This is wonderful for both boy and girl i believe.

Besides, this is a very user friendly product , we just have to press the button on. There are 3 speed settings for the facial cleansing,once you turn on,that's normal speed 2 which is not too strong and also the factory default setting and i also keep using that speed 2 for my skin,because my skin is very sensitive .

That's me in the very first day of using  Sonic Method on my skin care journey.
My skin was a bit red and apparently you can see the pore on my cheeks and also black head on nose.
But my angle-clarisonic obviously start giving me a pair of helpful hand.
Its only 60 seconds a day, put the cleaning gel on and start moving cycle during the cleaning procedure.
I felt my pore clean and clear even when i am still cleaning.
Please don't forget to put on toner on the fresh skin after cleaning.Once you put the moisturizer,the skin care of the day is done.
Easy beautiful.

my skin is already turning balance after 10 days trial.

Once your skin fully absorbed the skin care product. It turn smooth and better quality
For now, i have been using  Sonic Method for 25 days.
My skin is already smoother and much more easy to put the foundation on.
Girls, should give it a try.
The last but not the least. There is an extra adapter is come with the set.This is very caring design.
No matter where you go, no matter for business or vocation. i can easily carry the clarisonic aria with me and keep my skin clean and clear everyday by 60 seconds .

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Silk Chic

Harry potter Silk Chic.
It's already autumn. Color black seem to be the no.1 option in the color bar in the F/W
However, it could still be fun with "Black" due to different material of the clothe and also i used to work on layering .
My Harry Potter piece is flying up for the F/W.

Check point :  - DIY decorated collar
- flashing tan-top

Ann Demeulemeester S/S 2014
- The elegant look of using Chiffon continuously from F/W13 till the S/S14.
I personally agree with the long elegant dress could make you look slimmer and taller.
And also,lady looks sexier in the neutral design with the transparency of material.

Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

American Eagle Outfitters Live your Life

American Eagle Outfitters Hong Kong's first ever
Project Live Your Life
It is my honor to be a part of the project,which make me an opportunity to style a pair of model who are actually the applicants in this competition.I believe they have got impressed image by all item sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters with my combination.

American Eagle Outfitters,is a leading global specialty retailer offering high-quality, on-trend clothing, accessories and personal care products at affordable prices under its American Eagle Outfitters® and Aerie® brands. 

I do make an elegant Christmas party look for the models as a couple.
Color red have been chosen for the commend color between the boy and girl.
At the same time, color red is representing the passion, happiness, luxury of the look.
And also the sense of maturity between teenage and middle age.

The other element of the look is layering combination.
Key point * Tone On Tone

On girl :
Long sleeve coat + Furry vest + Flashing dress + Dazzling accessories
Eyes catching point : flashing dress

The pattern of the dress with gradation of color plus the flash.
I truly believe that she could be the most eyes catching one in the party.

On Boy :
Slim cut blazer + Hazel Red Shirt + Mature Red Knitted Sweater 
+ Slim Straight Dark Blue Jeans + Scarf 
I am glad to transform them from a denim casual look to the elegant evening style.
Please feel free to vote for them, my styling on
Before transforming.

 Successful team picture with Tess, VGM of AEO

On the other hand, i took the utmost care of my style to attend the event mentioned above.
A vinage denim vest + high waist leather pants + signature turban style 
*main whole i use the jewelry and digital printed blazer to round my waist for standing out the look.
To sum up. It is easy to make your own impressed style when you pay attention to different material and color using.

 At the end, thanks to all the other bloggers to share their opinion with me.
We all stylish !!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Natural fiber look2

Monokini for the pool.
Nowadays, there is no topless monokini in the normal swimwear trend.
The monokini was originally a topless swimsuit that exposed the female breasts
and in modern designs features large cut-outs at the sides, front and back.
I do agree the monokini could show up the feminiality due to the cutting and also showing a lot of the shape of waist.
Ladies should have one beside the bikini.

Balinese style Top made by 100%cotton
It decorated by the tassel which is the smell of bohemian style.
Besides, tassel is one of the most popular element of decorating design no matter for clothes or accessories even hand bag.
Furla candycool crossover +Elle Lee , +Charlie Ho, +Joe Lam ,+Mickco Chan

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Energetic summer look1

Color yellow make me powerful and super energetic!!!
It is a very sharp color of the dress but it was match totally with the nature.

An unforgettable trip to Bali in the past summer 2013.
Everything turn nature.I felt weird to have makeup or over dressed
due to the people there, the natural element around me make me go on simplicity style.
The trip to Bali, of course we can't miss the relaxation part,
on the other hand, we can meet a lot of natural fabric clothes,which is becoming the big grand of fashion.As we are having a huge amount of pollution life and so many wastes, it is the time to change the life style and keep it chic at the same time.
On me
- A full cotton made dress with natural dye
-Signature Elma's turban
-Seashell necklace
-cotton made tote bag
That was my 1st bali style during the trip.
Wish you enjoy!

We are living not destroying.
V.Westwood is one of the gowned designer who fully support the natural producing.
We should also take time to rest and think about the NATURAL CHIC.

A picture taken by +Daniel Grein Druziki of the sun set down in Dreamland Bali.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Press look

Busy life is always good. And the best is busy with your hobby as work.
In these 2 days, i have been to different places for events which is not to kill my time but i keep refreshing my  mind of fashion of each time.
Because i have to do the best pick for each situation.
Style black is always right. However, does it have to back only all black?
You could do some details that shine your whole look.
Let's see how i do............
Thanks D-mop for giving me the complement of the night.Thanks for the prize and i gonna do the fabulous look by D-mop items as soon as i do the big shopping in D-mop.
And also thanks to CableTV live interview +Visala

layering vest suit + Shiny Metal which is good choice for DIY.
It turn another page of the garment if you put some on top of the signal color item.
And also different material of the outfit.
-See through top from Sheer
-Lace up bra top from H&M
- Lace Bra from Calvin Klein
-Belt from Elma Li Convé DIY
-Skirt from Korea 
Besides my signature turban,
eyes catching accessories are out-standing from the color black style.
Get some unique color or material jewelry that shine you up then.
Wish you a good night and don't miss the little piece that stand out.