Press look

Busy life is always good. And the best is busy with your hobby as work.
In these 2 days, i have been to different places for events which is not to kill my time but i keep refreshing my  mind of fashion of each time.
Because i have to do the best pick for each situation.
Style black is always right. However, does it have to back only all black?
You could do some details that shine your whole look.
Let's see how i do............
Thanks D-mop for giving me the complement of the night.Thanks for the prize and i gonna do the fabulous look by D-mop items as soon as i do the big shopping in D-mop.
And also thanks to CableTV live interview +Visala

layering vest suit + Shiny Metal which is good choice for DIY.
It turn another page of the garment if you put some on top of the signal color item.
And also different material of the outfit.
-See through top from Sheer
-Lace up bra top from H&M
- Lace Bra from Calvin Klein
-Belt from Elma Li Convé DIY
-Skirt from Korea 
Besides my signature turban,
eyes catching accessories are out-standing from the color black style.
Get some unique color or material jewelry that shine you up then.
Wish you a good night and don't miss the little piece that stand out.


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