The Chic Taste - Alexander Mcqueen

 The Chic Taste of the day
-Alexander Mcqueen, snow white elegant  
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Another day, another feminine style with young bloom 

 it is the very first special edition clutch in celebrating Christmas 2012. The knuckle ring theme remains the same but it’s set in a snowflake inspired design, encrusted with Swarovski crystals

This little masterpiece still remaining the chic taste on my tongue.

I am going with my tiny modern chinese style bloom dress with my Snowflake Knucklebox clutch.
That's aim to make the big contrast between the dress and clutch.At the same time,the clutch is just outstanding by staying besides all the bloom.
Clutch is matching not only the glamorous evening gown but also for the denim causal look.

The suspender paralleling all those bloom pattern in the whole style.
Too much is not gonna be good.

Heels by sheet @sheet +Sheet 

Tips of the day : Two different patterns could be remaining in the same style. 
However, you have to pay attention to the percentage of using each pattern.
 e.g, my bloom dress will leopard gloves.
Recommend makeup product : Ellisaffs Lips stick from Italy.

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