Friday, February 28, 2014

Sporty chic

 I got an updates of my fashion prince , the pervious work is out finally.
which is Bossini Be happy line campaign.

An energetic fashion style is doesn't mean you have to match with high heels. It is depend on how you do your M&M.

Reference from the fashion week snaps as below


For the coming season in Hong Kong. Spring flower is soon to bloom.
easy carrying stylish sporty daily look by DKNY pre fall 2014
That is exactly how i expect the sporty chic is. A causal cutting sewing by different material and also the transparent baseball jacket which is good piece of matching sporty shoes.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Checked lasts longer

Once again thanks +HKTDC 香港貿發局  for the arrangement of V.W show SS14 HK. I had a luxury evening and the inspiration blowed my mind.
Vivienne still rocking on the elegant lady gown.
The embroidered jacket with arbitrary breaking cut fully draw my attention. That was a great combination with a lady pink gown.I completely feel the Rock on Lady.
On the other hand, the checked pattern was just a beginning of V.W collection.
The best have not yet shown until FW14 V.W red label 

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Autumn Winter 2014 was completely performed on the Runway yesterday in London Fashion Week. & i do agree the collection is from the previous quarter continued into the fall/winter . Warm color selection is just out-standing by the cold color. That is the eyes catching point we need. The femininity also jumping out from the neutral combination .

At the same time, ''illuminati'' is now going to the high fashion too, guess whats gonna happen?

On the other hand, double pattern in style will not be a problem,just how you handle it
click Here to see my pervious blog about handling double pattern

                                                                    Elma Li Convé

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Green style-The morning noon

I am currently in South of Brasil ,where is not a place foreigner usually go visit.
This is exactly in the other side of the place i born. 
Everything here is in the opposite side compare to Hong Kong.

And i just move from city to country side, that make me a big different change of life style and also giving me the best relaxation by living around the forest.

I am glad to have a home like this in the peak,which is happening like a fairy tale.
My country side style of the day with strong sun and fresh air.
Its summer in Brasil with at least 30 degree every day however we do support the green life style ,therefore we don't need the Air-condition here since the air does really cool in the night.
 An easy combination ,a crossed pattern dress and a pair of outstanding earring which is the eyes catching point .
Due to the Valentine day is coming, a romantic dress can not be missed in the wordrobe. It actually a must buy brand from NY fashion week did a quite impressive work. I love how amazingly the designer use  different materials in one dress, also the color combination was a great chic match.
The brand i have been talking is ---- Marchesa
In my opinion, it actually don't have to be  in Red for Valentine day. ''Vampire Love'' will be the name i describe the dress below.
They riffed on the idea of heritage plaids with a group of "tartan" lace cocktail dresses (falling on the more casual end of the spectrum), which were exquisitely dip-dyed, foiled, and reembroidered.

Photography : Daniel Druziki +Daniel Grein Druziki 
Styling : Elma Li Convé
Location : Druziki House,Brasil

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chic-ese new year

It been a while after the CNY, those pictures were ready long time. However, i had 3 flights in 2 days after the CNY,therefore i can hardly make it blogged but now !!! :) 
Happy Chinese new year every one, first i wish you all the best in the year of horse & let's keep it chic.
Colour red seem like the first priority of people , i put it on my hair and makeup, it surprisingly matched  my dress - Cameo the label- Australia 

Dark romance by the flowing dress.
A super feminine top by the see-through design.
Cameo sets out to create an innovative way to dress.
"To wear the Cameo design is to embrace a creative concept and lay further expression upon it. Each time you wear a Cameo piece, it continues to evolve with your own unique personal exploration.  “Styling a cameo Cameo garment is more than just complimenting design. You are creating an overall look which reflects your mood or evokes the persona you want to project for that day."


A pair of outstanding shoes is a must for a dark colour dress
I would still choosing leopard as my selection but the color would be funky a little bit.
Would it be the gradient color of diamond blue or yard green ? Or a part of pink leopard
would be great.



Coming up a new adventure in South America, you Fashionista can not miss it !!
Portrait Photography by Daniel Druziki +Daniel Grein Druziki 
All copy right reserved by Elma Li Convé
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