Parana villa

I spent the whole summer in this amazing villa located Paraná Brasil. One important thing i have learnt is how to live in the natural republic.
" Can't/Don't need to be stylish in the country side, no one see." I definitely against this lazy thinking.
It just to wear stylish comfort clothes for the comfortable place.Simplicity style is just good fit for me in the summer villa.

一整個夏天都留在南巴西 ,過著悠閒的渡假生活.亦學會更多跟大自愛相處之道.衣著是否要超時尚或珠光寶器呢?其實只要著得合時就是時尚吧!!簡單直接的風格成為了我在這裡配搭的方向吧.

London Eyes-wear
HongKong designer earring
Made in China Hat
Havaianas Tropical


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