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Time gone fast, Summer is soon to over in South America. It is also a good timing to receive the invitation from a fabulous friend of mine,who i met in London few years ago,of his A/W 2014 collection show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Joburg.

This is a brand launched since 2011, a passionate African guy based Cape town who keep going on making his dream come ture. I truly believe that is the mature time to introduce all his design to the Asian people. 

MAXHOSE by Laduma 
Distinctive knitwear brand that is rooted in Laduma Ngxokolo's journey into creating modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear for Xhosa initiates to wear for their initiation ritual, using tradition Xhosa beadwork motifs & patterns as inspiration. Laduma's vision was to develop knitwear that is more relevant to Xhosa initiates, in order to substitute the knitwear that doesn't celebrate their heritage.

MaXhosa by Laduma knitwear is proudly knitted in South Africa with South Africa kid's mohair and merino wool


The designer Laduma got famous by doing his own created ethnic knitted pattern design. I definitely experiencing the joy and love between the kids and mom by living a simplicity life. The deisng bring us a strong passionby the big contrast of color combination. At the same time, he is making another level of wearing the ethnic design.

Dream make you a reality ideal life!!
Don't hate but love.

       Elma Li Convé


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