The Modern Tradition

We are now hardly get to know how exactly is the transitional Shanghainese tailor work. At the same time, it is a rarely position in the market nowadays.
The brand i met in the fashion show is supporting the Chinese tradition. It is full of Chinese culture in the design but you can also found out the modern details on the dress!

Designer Grace, a modern Shanghai lady who work in modeling for 10 years already. Since she spent a lot of time in presenting other's fashion therefore she does agree to promote the traditional Chinese Womenswear ---Qipao.

Qipau , the conservative way of Qipao we have in mind is way too old in the market now. It actually showing how exactly the body shape of the lady.It is attractive!!
A lady definitely has to be in shape to present a Qipao perfectly.

The big contrast in combination of lace and silk with simplify cutting of Qipao ,which is how Grace modify the modern lady in traditional way. More easy,more sexy. 

時代的變遷,傅統的剪裁令優美的 旗袍不能夠普及化於現代社會中,


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