Monday, June 30, 2014

Emotionally Moody Blooms


People always say : You women are emotional animal!
 However, it actually a beautiful word to describe this action.
Ladies doing makeup no matter how,when or where. The difference between those makeup is about the MOOD.
Let's begin the curiosity of the latest MAC makeup collection: Moody Blooms.
I personally love the Sheen Supreme Lipgloss Tint which is the fresh pressed juice on your lips,it makes strong contrast with the earthy metallic eyes shadows. And also the Transparent finishing powder that make perfect finishing of the whole makeup, can't be missed!!!!
 Official launch at all M.A.C location on the 7th July.
MAC又一新作Moody Blooms美妝系列將於7/7面世!!!這系列令人對它充滿著好奇心,充滿探究的情,相信姐妹們都會急不及待去試試這個系列吧! 我最喜歡閃爍爍的lipglass 這同時跟樸實色系的眼影成強烈的對比!另加上透明的finishing power,妳的妝容就完整了。

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New painter: 3.1Phillip Lim x NARS

3.1 Phillip Lim and NARS have got one step further for 2014 Fall after the collaboration in 2007 for the iconic runways shows.
We can see ''colors that exist in the shadows,” in the coming nails polish collection launching in July.
And also, since it is being made with a long-lasting formula and gloss finish,your won’t have to put much effort into feeling the glamour. It does show the maturity of femininity.

一個禮拜或者一日𥚃面您會花幾多時間去設計獨特的指甲造型????即將面世的3.1 Phillip Lim x NARS指甲油系列有齊不同深淺的韻味!更重要的係系列加入咗持久配方及光澤原素,各nails maker就可以發揮得更淋漓盡致。

Thanks +HKTDC 香港貿發局 for the v.first look and trial of the line which will be in store on the 1st Aug.
It will be much more fun during the Fashion week la.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simplicity in complicate-Valentino

"I don't need a valentine, give me a Valentino!!"
I believe it is a dream of all ladies to have her own Valentino.
Check out the Valentino FW14,I guess boys are becoming big fans.
Feminine lace is the signature of valentino lady and designer is the colorful feather on top is just making it energetic.

Clothes are instruments for expressing and protecting one’s individuality: they make personal statements
and are not subject to universal rules. Fashion as a language of style and a system of details and elements.
For Valentino’s Fall 2014 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli reflect upon the theme of
eccentricity. Attenuating the excessive, costume-like aspects, they have preserved their resolute search
for anything that is unique and special. To it they add masculine rigor, seeking to establish a balance that
continuously evolves. The result is as unexpected and brilliant as a kaleidoscope: it is a repertoire that
can be drawn from to freely create different looks according to one’s eye and personal instinct.
The delicate, fragile butterfly represents the multi-faceted character of the collection. Printed,
embroidered, and woven in brocade fabric, it captures the spirit of change and the idea of a positive yet
melancholic frivolity. It appears on all sorts of garments: on pyjamas, created for outside wear in the
form of a suit. On the heat-bonded, printed or embroidered coat, the butterfly becomes the motif of a
pretty camouflage print, allowing one to conceal oneself in an airy femininity. And it is a sensational
intarsia on furs. A taste for frivolous things which are a part of human nature, can be seen in the use of
feathers as details and trim on narrow collars for dresses and coats but also as airy, glamorous textures
on men’s style Oxfords. Menswear and womenswear blend day and night, contradicting protocols and
rules. Capri pants are paired with tweed tunics to create a new type of suit. Herringbone tweed coats
open to reveal ultra-light dresses, whilst Prince of Wales checks are brought to life with embroidery. The
silhouette is vertical and dynamic: capes – transformed into a jackets, pea coats and dresses - are the
protagonists and worn with long, tailored Bermudas and pencil skirts. The silhouette softens in tunics,
wide-leg trousers, and knitwear outfits. The concept of blending different elements is expressed through
intarsia on furs and on shearling coats with a rug-like texture.
Elements multiply, intersect, and are layered, creating a constant sense of surprise. Classic elements of
Valentino’s contemporary style are inserted in new visual textures: embellished lace is used on dresses
and suits, dresses are fluid and sleek, and volumes and details are inspired by haute couture. Low boots,
men’s style Derby shoes, platform shoes with chunky heels, and fur stoles offer additional opportunities
for personal expression.
A classic selection of colors and materials is featured: menswear wool, super-fine silk, and crepe come
in a fautless palette of gray, camel, and moss green brightened with acidic shades of orange and green.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Atmosphere Maleficent

Things of a ''bad girl''
 I have heard the story of this ''bad girl'' from my mum, which is a well known fairy tale.
when girls are imagining to become the sleeping beauty, does anyone pay attention to the ''bad girl''- Maleficent ?
 Disney have made a whole new image of Maleficent recently.
Let's see how attractive is it.

First of all, a whole glamor makeup collection by MAC x Disney Maleficent.
I highly recommend these three alchemy pieces to you sisters.
Left: Maleficent eye shadow x 4 - (good for both nature makeup & night makeup)
Middle: Sculpting power - (Face in shape easily)
Right: Pro longwear lipglass - high long lasting power ( feel free to eat or drink with the red lips)
*You can easily make you face in shape by the sculpting power which you can also apply on the eye lips & nose sides.
 I believe this whole glamor set is perfect for whose who have multiple style like
Elma Li Convé >3

 Maleficent accessories selection
 Shining stone bracelet @ ÜBER
& Maleficent slippers by Chiara Ferragni