Atmosphere Maleficent

Things of a ''bad girl''
 I have heard the story of this ''bad girl'' from my mum, which is a well known fairy tale.
when girls are imagining to become the sleeping beauty, does anyone pay attention to the ''bad girl''- Maleficent ?
 Disney have made a whole new image of Maleficent recently.
Let's see how attractive is it.

First of all, a whole glamor makeup collection by MAC x Disney Maleficent.
I highly recommend these three alchemy pieces to you sisters.
Left: Maleficent eye shadow x 4 - (good for both nature makeup & night makeup)
Middle: Sculpting power - (Face in shape easily)
Right: Pro longwear lipglass - high long lasting power ( feel free to eat or drink with the red lips)
*You can easily make you face in shape by the sculpting power which you can also apply on the eye lips & nose sides.
 I believe this whole glamor set is perfect for whose who have multiple style like
Elma Li Convé >3

 Maleficent accessories selection
 Shining stone bracelet @ ÜBER
& Maleficent slippers by Chiara Ferragni


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