Versace night

It was my pleasure to join the Versace for Pacific Place , limited edition photo exhibition launch party.
Since it is the 25th Anniversary of Pacific Place Hong Kong, a limited hand bag collection had made by an Italian fashion label - Versace, to celebrate as well as doing a charity exhibition in Pacific Place.

This 25 limited edition Versace hand bags were featured by Hong Kong celebrities such as Joey Yeung, Josie Ho, Elva Hsiao, Michelle Reis and Jennifer Tse. And the proceeds from the sales of the bags will be donated to End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation.

* Thank you for the caring gift fot both Daniel and I.
If you missed the exhibition, feel free to check the pictures above!!
為慶祝太古廣場25週年,國際時裝品牌 Versace 特別設計了一系列共25款
「Versace for Pacific Place Limited Edition」名貴手袋,
並邀請多位名人包括李嘉欣, 容祖兒, 蕭亞軒, 何超儀, 謝婷婷等參與拍攝, 演繹不一樣的風格。
而限量版手袋將於展覽後於太古廣場 Versace 專門店內發售。

每個手袋均配有「Versace for Pacific Place Limited Edition」燙金皮革標牌。 而 Versace 將會把是次設計的限量版手袋的部分收益捐贈護苗基金。

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