Mineralize beauty


I finally sitting down on Sunday night for my personally sharing. I missed it so much, but i am also glad i got a new position of job that make me busy.
I have been runing to different events and parties last whole week, and i got asked a same question which is about the quick change of day and night makeup.

The skill of my makeup is the Blush and lips color.

Kelly Osbourne & M.C.A Mineralize collection are my key!
Peach brown Cheeky blush from Kelly Osbourne collection is my pick for the day makeup, it is perfect with the barbie pink Mineralize rich lipstick - Ladies Who Lunch !!
 I specially adore the Mineralize Skinfinish - (Global Glow) that highlights with a frosted, metallic lustre in two new bronzers for creating a subtle glow.

Last but not lease, the superb eye shadow innovation of Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow returns in four dazzling new palettes, each featuring a range of shades in modern hues that glide on and blend beautifully for infinite day to night looks.

More look to come with same set of makeup. You do not want to miss it :)

Photography : Daniel Druziki
Makeup : MAC makeup international
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