ChiaraGoesTo HongKong

Chiara Ferragni, a successful shoe designer and also the owner of The Blonde Salad, i believe many of you fashion reader have seen her signature "bling bling eyes" work somewhere in the world!!

It's the time for her to come to Hong Kong finally!!!  i can hardly give up this wonderful opportunity to meet her in person!!! It is my pleasure to have a very first view of her Spring Summer 15 collection in Hong Kong leading fashion store -I.T Hysan One +Gilbert Chun  and also an live interview with all tailor made Chiara snacks!!

This collection is inspired by her favourite things like Popcorn , soft drinks, makeup, red lips, last but not least the signature ''bling bling eyes''. Have a look of all these witty comfort shoes in her popup store at I.T Hysan One. 
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