Pradasphere HK

PRADASPHERE has already came to Hong Kong, which is an exhibition showing 60 complete looks from these 30 years of the brand's collection with extra focus on bags, shoes and materials, alongside rarely-exhibited artefacts.

Same thing different places, this exhibition was hosted by Harrods in London in May. And now we all can easily check it out in Central Pier no.4 !! It is open to public from 19 Nov - 5 Dec.

Besides, you can hardy miss the VIP lounge overlooking the whole victoria harbour view. Therefore think no more,grab your camera and just go! i believe you will get a lots of inspiration in the luxury Prada timeline.

We rarely seen this outer enthusiastic party in Hong Kong, however we all hands up for Lorde the other night!! What an unforgettable memory with Prada.

Video of the night as below, i hope you enjoy.


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