Ultra thought - Ralph Lauren

Another season another out-standing design! There is an ultra thought from Ralph Lauren, i frond it in their biggest flagship store in Asia.

It is the special edition Soft Ricky Bag which is exquisitely made in Italy from layers of hand-stitched, ultra-soft Italian nappa leather and features a contrasting bonded-calfskin lining that adds a rich pop of color. An ultra thought from designer is the sensible light in the bag. It is extremely useful when you are looking for the tiny little thing from the big bag, specially in somewhere dark, like cinema!!

You are now having one more option for ''All in a bag'' style. However, have you ever still missing something important when you go out? For myself, i stick with an external charger wherever i go. Designer has thought for you about it as well as it came with an external charger inside the bag without extra weight!! How could you not adore it?

Wait no more and get your pre-order of this special edition Soft Ricky Bag.

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