The comprehensive care from Hermès

How to be the partner of Hermès Cavalier? Lets begin this fabulous journey. it was not like a swan song but more to remind you the synergy between +Christophe Lemaire and Hermes  which has celebrated understated luxury and craftsmanship above ostentatious design. You can easily feel it like a carefree holiday for no matter when or where. Hermes woman is treating herself a vacation every day and with a lot of water snake, crocodile and double-face cashmere in the coming Spring Summer.You can easily see the simplicity cutting applied on the design, however, the skillful tailoring technique on those garments and accessories are taking balance in the whole collection.

One of the design you can not miss are those +Flamingo Party scarf 90 in silk twill designed by Laurence Bourthoumieux. It applied on the Sole-Cool bag in swift calfskin. At the same time, Hermès is keeping us to stay in the Parisian lifestyle, to provide us a luxurious swim wear collection with the small Farming Picnic bag in wicker and barenia calfskin which brought us the relaxation during the trip. Besides, what is more excited to get to know all the steps of creating a silk scarf? you can see if clearly in La Maison des Carriés scarf 90 in silk twill, that like a cheerful graphic saga.

Last but not lease, Hermès has been taking the comprehensive care of your lifestyle, further your step to get into the part of Le Parfum De La Maison collection that made by +celine ellena Céline Ellena and designer +Guillaume Bardet . The house creates a new fragrant art of living, wait no more and taste the dreamy smell of art now.

配合愛馬仕騎士的風格,來年春夏女裝系列,+Christophe Lemaire 為愛馬仕設計了一系列線條簡單剪裁複集,及配合水蛇皮,鱷魚雙面士咩(羊毛)高級用料的時尚女裝,無論何時何地,我們都能感受到Hermès 女士們那種輕鬆優雅旅程的態度。

在這系列中,你會發現很多十分細緻的工藝展露當中。如那以真絲及小羊皮編織而成的多色大衣就絕對是一流手工之選。另外還有以 +Laurence Bourthoumieux 設計的Flaminfo Party印花絲巾加小牛皮製作Sole Cool袋,顏色鮮豔,造型份外突出同時品牌亦有保留巴黎一貫的漫活態度,推出一系列款式前衛沙灘泳裝及配件,暮求將女性身材完美的演繹出來可愛的 Farming Picnic 小牛皮手袋更令系列增添青翠的味道。不得不提的當然是La Maison des Carriés-印花絲巾系列。當中您更可找到絲巾的制作過程!

Hermès全面照顧你的時尚生活 ,給您預備於您的氣。Le Parfum De La Maison由大師Céline Ellena 及設計師Guillaume Bardet合作設計而成的香氛蠟燭還有輕便裝方面旅行攜帶讓你的時尚生活從這夢幻香味開始,完全感受生活藝術吧!

Selected item:
(-pic from up to down)
Left: Short scard collar coat in ochre double face cashmere
Right: Virevolte bag in swift calfskin, clemence bull calf and hunter cowhide

Coat in multicolored woven silk and lamdskin

Cherche-midi bag in box

Left: Flamingo Party scarf 90 in silk twill
Right: Twillaine pullover and skirt with purple red Les Coupes scarf print on silk crepe and black wool knit.

Left: La Maison des Carriés notebook
Right: Nautilus pen

Sole-cool bag in swift calfskin and Flamingo party printed silk

Wallet in embroidered swift calfskin 
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