Fantasy land - Alice and Olivia

Oh my lord, why are you bringing me not to the dreamy garden yet. It like a year long till i receive the very first view of this colorful collection. Beatiful words for the beautiful things. Let's check the youthful edgy pieces by +alice + olivia  SS15 collection.In this season, designer has spent all her afford to show us the dreamy fantasy land by the extraordinary graphic design and the embellished pieces. Stacey Bendet brings us the perfect party dresses with full of imagination, and designer has bring us the flying butterfly to light up the collection and connected with those petals. it takes you a around trip to Long Island’s Oheka Castle,a stunning historic estate where they shoot Alice and Olivia SS15 campaign!

噢,一個夢幻的花園誰不想要到。早前Alice and Olivia 便以特出的平面印花設計配合珠刺繡技術將陽光,活力,假期等原素注入15春夏系列當中令你有如身於夢幻樂園的感覺。近乎完美的派對裙款充滿七彩印花,將無窮無盡的想像都顯露出來。另外設計師也將蝴蝶,大象的自然原素放入系列當中,令系列整體都變得更有活力。再細看15campaign 的相片,您也會感受到身於古建築 Long Island’s Oheka Castle的那份華麗。 
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