Flying butterfly - Moiselle SS15

Moiselle, one of the highlighted show in the Fashion week. it took us to a mysterious eden garden by the SS15 collection. Countless botanical creations transform into sequined totems, embroideries and patterns to celebrate the beauty of femininity. Designer filled the Moiselle greenhouse by those delicate elements that make it a outstanding collection.

 In another side, by the idea of meticulous landscape design, the pompous layering long dresses in those sweet cotton colors, MOISELLE SS15 Collection is curated to evoke the bloomy beauty of women.

寒冷的天氣譲人都躲起來,但在溫室的花仍然在盛放。 Hong Kong Fashion Week其中一Highlighted的時裝秀 - Moiselle SS15春夏系列,便帶我們到神秘的伊甸園無數的植物花兒被轉化為圖騰的亮片,刺繡和圖案結合了陰柔之美,設計師通過優雅的原素令整個系列都充滿生命力。


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