Waves splashing- Elie Saab Ready to wear SS15

The smell of the natural beauty, the sound of the water flowing, Elie Saab selected the theme to reflect the hidden beauty from the ocean. In this season, designer begin the show with the colorful print and to draw your attention by the embroidered flowing elegant dresses and sequin garments. This beautiful rich collection is completely showing the sparkling mermaid shining in the earth.

A mini dress with long sleeves and graphic black and white bordering was decorated in creamy greens and oranges, like a coral spotted deep in the ocean, and a black sheer trouser suit decorated with patterns worked into the lace could have been the tattoo like surface or the skin of a translucent underwater creature.

Easy blease beauty, Taylor Swift amasze us in +ElieSaabOfficial  Ready to wear Spring Summer 2015 in Grammy Awards!!

早前看過Elie Saab 以海洋、浪花為題的春夏系列,嗅到大自然的香味,聽到流水的聲音!今季他選擇了以海藍去反映海洋隱藏的那些美。是個系列設計師豐富多彩的印刷圖案印在裙子上,配合優雅刺繡技術及閃爍亮片的點綴,整個collection 都變得有生気。就如一條在發亮的美人魚跑到岸上享受日光浴!另外除了傳統的長裙還有迷你連身裙,像珊瑚般的釘珠刺繡加上半透視感的設計就輕易為青春活力的系列添上女人味。
輕易的勞駕美麗!日前 Taylor Swift 在Grammy Awards穿 +ElieSaabOfficial  Ready to wear 2015春夏系列
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