Saturday, May 30, 2015

Les Flâneurs d'Hermès
It takes two wheels to tango......

Between earth and sky, dancing and cycling, a demonstration of bicycle acrobatics in all its agility and precision.
The world champion bike acrobats David Schnabel and the dancer Sonya Cullingford let their imaginations run free on the Flâneur d'Hermès unisex leisure bike and the Flâneur sportif sports bike.  

What latest news i have discovered from my beloved global label - Hermes is the sporty element from its creation.
The official artistic video is truly presenting the leisure Parisian lifestyle with all these qualified creativity.
Stop, relax and enjoy it. Taste your life. +Hermès 
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Curly Attraction!!

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce my first ever group blogging post on STYLICIOUS. And of course it is all about fashion and beauty!

Here we go, it is my pleasure to join all these stylish ladies at Airplay for such an deluxe afternoon enjoying those luxurious services with ghd qualified hair styling goods.

''Easy breezy beautiful '' is suitable for the modern ladies nowadays, All we are looking for are quality and quantity at the same time. A good hair made is definitely part of the style. Today, Good hair day,every day (ghd) and Airplay, the first ever no cuts, no perm, no color - "blow dry bar" providing hair and makeup services in Hong Kong, are leading us into this fantasy beauty system. I am going to Introduce ghd CURVE™, the new range of tongs & wands from ghd that suitable for different type of hair length, volume and texture. Featuring the tri-zone® technology for healthier-looking curls that stay locked-in all day and night. Each ghd CURVE™ CURLING WAND & TONG contains patented tri-zone® breakthrough ceramic technology that guarantees the right curling temperature of 185°C. This is maintained with six quick-thinking sensors in the tri-zone® barrel that ensures the optimum temperature is delivered constantly and evenly all along the barrel of the tong; delivering lasting curls that are formed fast and stay locked-in, while respecting the health of your hair. As it designed for the nowadays ladies, it stylish look and user friendly function, you can carry it along wherever you go. Easy breezy beautiful and Professional. You can handle it by few steps and get your hair done! Check it out on the ghd <<stockist>> and of course get yours home.Try to make your very own feminine curl!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, 小朋友跟大人都請留意博主Elma 於Stylicious 的首個群博介紹吧!當然話題離不開為大家介紹時尚潮流及美妝吧。是次群博活動地點為一潮流造型設計站--名為Airplay, 香港首間氣派十足的造型站設於中環,地點方便。他們與另一國際級捲髮造型用品品牌Ghd為博客們提供高水準的髮式造型美妝服務。

現代社會人人都講求效率,配合Ghd用品女士們"整妝待發"的速度亦都追上社會步伐。 輕鬆,容易,快捷都是我們追求的方法。有效率又有品質就是Ghd了!他們帶領快而準的捲髮潮流,因為其最新出品Ghd CURVE系列的Wanda and tongs加入了Tri-Zone專利技術,為您打造健康曲髮,不論日夜都能擁有持久的捲曲造型。每一個 ghd CURVE™ 捲髮造型wands 及 tongs 系列均配備專利 tri-zone® 技術, 突破性陶瓷科技,能保證造型棒加熱至合適的定型溫度(185°C),並以tri-zone®軸心中的六個高靈敏度感應裝備,確保最佳的定型溫度,能均勻地傳至整個捲髮器,達致持久速效的捲髮效果,同時不會傷害每根髮絲輕鬆簡單的步驟加上安全輕巧設計令您可隨時隨地都能用上,在家中自己弄出專業髮型由Ghd 開始!有興趣的您們可到<<此處>>看看在哪購買喔!從今開始自己的髮式自己弄吧。



Check out this ladies series of having curly hair:  Norbyah of I’m A Norbyah, Ira of Style Kush,  Emma of Dog and Pony Vintage, Sabrina of First Wives Studio, Janet of Jannah Velma Nior , Jasmine of Dress Me Blog Me and myself <3

Find out more about Airplay bar << Here >> , This places has a lot to amuse its guests, wait no more and give it a try!

Photo by  Kan Man 
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Soluna II

Soluna, the biggest power from the universe has landed Hong Kong perviously. A distinctive jewellery brand from London with Peruvian Spirit!! Their unique designs celebrate Peruvian culture and represent exquisite quality with gold-plated jewellery. They combine the original modern and fine jewellery designs with Peru’s heritage. Read more about the brand on my other post >>> HERE <<<

Check it out how I style the minimalist jewellery design with the Hong Kong local fashion designer brand - House of V
It is easy breezy beautiful, minimalist X minimalist!! 

Jewellery collection: Jaguar collection, INCA Cross collection, Gold Coins collection
See more on >> Soluna Website <<

博主Elma早前於尋寶之旅中找到來自英國倫敦的珠寶品牌-Soluna. 秘魯精神英國設計, 精湛的秘魯文化溶入優質鍍金首飾中. 他們結合現代精緻的珠寶設計與秘魯的傳統。要詳閲的介紹可到博主早前的 >>> Post <<<

看一下我如何Style 風格簡約的珠寶設計與香港本地時裝設計師品牌 - House of V

Photography: Victoria C
Makeup: Melissa W
Hair: Tea C
Styling: Me,  Elma Li Convé 
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Friday, May 1, 2015

Chevignon x The free spirit

Who doesn't want the freedom to do whatever you can or wanted to do? In this Spring Summer season, Chevignon has brings us the artistie freedom collection. Let us all go on the easy breezy way to share our joy of freedom.

The SS15 Andre Saraiva x Chevignon Collection

The world is full of rules, and rules are made to be broken. The new collaboration between chevignon and Andre is all about freedom, breaking free from all judgments and restrictions in the world. True freedom begins in out hearts, so why not make everyday a wonderful adventure.

here is the way to learn ^ ^  << Check it now and do it yourself!!

這個世界充滿了規則,規則是用來被打破的。 Chevignon的和安德烈之間的合作是所有關於自由,擺脫了世界上所有的判斷和限制。真正的自由開始心裡了,所以為什麼不把每天都變成一個奇妙的冒險旅程


here is the way to learn ^ ^  << Check it now and do it yourself!!

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki 
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