Trendy Tattoo 時髦紋身

Different generation, different definition. We definitely having different feeling of getting tattoo nowadays. it no longer being 'bad boy bad girl' images. But it is such an art. However, It is not every one could afford those painful process to get the forever last tattoo and specially we women are keep changing mine everywhere, anytime. I have found an easy breezy way to carry tattoos differently, which is those tattoo sticker by Beyond Jewelry.

Beyond jewelry is a trendy thought. They provided us waterproof tattoo with different pattern for different season or situation. Their mission is to revamp the way people think about and wear jewelry. Beyond Jewelry is light, easily worn and can be worn on any part of your body that you desire. Each unique piece is made to stand out from the crowd and represent those who like it, go beyond themselves. 

Those i was wearing are the special summer edition by  BANANA GRAFFITI. You can easily express the summer feeling by those gold tone flamingo and pineapple. The magnificent gold tone design is surely helpful to increase the taste of elegance style.

Single Shoulder Top : Room_25
Belt : Stylist Own
Earring: IBUQUI Japan
Pants : Zara Worldwide
Clutch : +TED BAKER  London
Sunglasses : House Of V
Nail Polish: +MAC Cosmetics  Venus Red

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki 
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  2. Yes, a Tattoo sticker is an interesting thing that we can use it. The best part is we can change it according to our mood or dress but a Permanent tattoo as far more attractive than it. Last month my wife got a small neck tattoo from Tattoo Design Inc and before that I also suggested her to use a tattoo sticker because the process of getting a tattoo is a bit painful. But she won the argument and after getting a tattoo she told me that the pain is much lesser than we think. Then I got to know that if the artist is well professional then he knew how to use tattoo machines so that customers will get feel much pain.

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