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 WHOSTHAT ( Womenswear )

To Meiyi Cheung, fashion is more than just a passing trend. Fashion is a kind of affordable art, to be kept and treasured. With her belief in ‘design without boundaries’, Cheung started her fashion and art collection under the brand WHOSTHAT in 2013, merging fine art into fashion by collaboration projects with artists. WHOSTHAT is positioned as a brand of wearable art and artsy fashion, featured by the creative use of material, attention to detail, garment structure, fine workmanship and collections of genteel contemporary style that fit into the needs of young-hearted city women.

Fashion, most of the people think fashion is just about changing design, color, pattern, cutting or material each season, And also there is a lot of people thought that Fashion is a 'Waste'. At this moment, i would like to talk about an environmental friendly clothing material - wool which is a sustainable fashion material as well. Wool is a 100 per cent natural and renewable fibre. Sheep live on grass, water, fresh air and sunshine. Wool is a fibre that is grown – not man-made. Every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a renewable fibre source.

Aim to develop on this natural fiber and make it as popular it does nowadays. There is an international design competition by International Wool Secretariat (IWS). First held in 1953 as an initiative of the IWS, the award the following year was won by Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent. Today the International Woolmark Prize continues to recognize outstanding design talent from around the world.The prize was revived to promote a fresh crop of fashion stars showcasing the benefits of working with Australian Merino wool, and now more than 60 designers from over 20 countries take part.

I am glad having opportunity to interview two of the Hong Kong representative in this international competition. They are WHOSTHAT and FFIXXED STUDIO right before the semi final in Shanghai.
For me, both designers are full of creation on using wool in different ways. The textile design impress me the most of how does the varieties of the wool by different knitting procedure and how trendy is it!! A sustainable functional and visualizable fashion is ready by you.

FFIXXED STUDIOS is a collaborative art and design project initiated by artist and designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau. Their focus is the production of a fashion label that evolves alongside a range of other art and design-related activities. 
The collections respond to the role clothing and objects play in constructing our daily lives, elaborating on a series 
of new and unexpected form of trans-functionality for everyday basics. FFIXXED STUDIOS utilise a range of high-quality natural fibres and highly personalised production techniques to address, transcend and stimulate a variety of social and domestic situations.

Photography : Elma Li
Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger 
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