Simply smile

Simple make better, i believe checked shirt is a popular item that almost every one has it. However, how would you elaborate it in your own way?

Easy breezy beautiful is not only for cover girl, you can also be the one who catch all the spotlight by your unique styling technic. I went with a blue green Uniqlo checked shirt with a orange pencil skirt and a yellow belt. Those color combination are specially sharp under the sun. At the same time. Those items in warm colors are making a big visual contrast in between the whole style.

Transform it in a different way and you will see the definition of simple make better. Own your character and own your style in every single clothing item and you will be the one on the cover!!

Top: Uniqlo
Sunglasses: Alexander Mcqueen
Belt & Pencil skirt : Elma's wardrobe form Korea
Footwear: Flat- Keds/platform- Jeffrey Campbell

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Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki
Fashion Stylist & Style Blogger 
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