Organic concept of chic

How would you linked up fashion and nature ? There are tons of clothes produced every, have you ever concern the problem between fashion and our environmental ? Let me introduce you one of my favorite label - Christian Wijnants which focus on spontaneous and organic elegance as the theme of it's Fall Winter 2015 collection. Collecting the natural elements transform it by vibrating with the contrasts of natural and synthetic and geometric forms.

A very good care of doing fashion and contributing it own creation. Once thing I have to specially mentioned in the material on the dress are natural such as mohair and wool to stand out the different look from grayscale tones cooling to stark monochrome.

Easy Breezy, there is no gap in between loving the earth and fashion. Act now and pick an organic dress!!

Dress: Christian Wijnants
Coat: EQ:IQ
Earring: IBUQUI
Heels: CosmosParis
On Vincci
Dress: Christian Wijnants
Coat: Christian Wijnants
Shoes: Chanel

Special thanks to Vincci for being part of the shoot.
Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki
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