A Touch Of Blue

Another day another look, a touch of blue to kick the Monday blue! Another day another styling little tips. I believe there is a common problem of selecting outfits in front of the wardrobe of almost every girl. For myself, an easy way is to pick a long dress. 

Long dress is an item that to make you proportionally look taller and a sense of elegance. Simply style with a designing lingerie to flash the look as well as a drop of deluxe element.


Long Coat : House of V 
Dress : Ellery SS16  - Electric Sekki 
Sunglasses: Dienastie - Electric Sekki
Handbag : Pernelle Milano 
Necklace & Earring : Swarovski - DNA HK +Swarovski 
Heels : Zara Worldwide 

- Easy sophisticated -

Photographer: +Daniel Grein Druziki 
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